Notes To Prospective Tenants

Holding Deposit.

To reserve the property we require a holding deposit whilst the Tenant Assessment is being made and the Tenancy Documents are prepared. The deposit is refundable upon moving in, but is forfeited if you decide not to proceed with the Tenancy, or your references prove to be unsatisfactory. The property will remain available to let until we have received a holding deposit.


All prospective tenants are required to supply references, full details will be given on application for tenancy.

Initial payment.

You will be required to not only pay the first months rent in advance before you move in, but also a deposit against the inventory, equal to one months rent. The initial payment must be made by bank transfer, bank or building society cheque, bankers draft or cash, as personal cheques are unacceptable. It is not our policy to pay interest on tenant’s deposits.

Subsequent rental payments are required to be made per calender month on the same date in which you moved in. You will find that a calender month payment is more than four weeks rent, this is due to the fact that there are more than four weeks in most months. The calender month payment is calculated by multiplying the weekly rent by the number of weeks in a year, or half year which ever term tenancy you take and this total figure is divided by twelve or six monthly payments.


Delapidations Deposit

Please be aware that the majority of properties managed by this agency, the deposit will be held in the government approved TDS scheme for which the necessary information will provided to you upon signing of the tenancy agreement, further information can be obtained from the TDS official website If required and via the designated pamphlet included in your tenancy pack.

Any property’s for which are not managed by this agency, or properties in which the landlord/Landlady has decided to hold the deposit them self’s, the agency will provide the tenant with information relating to the deposit scheme used upon signing the tenancy, the tenant should expect within 30 days either a certificate or information stating which scheme the landlord of the property has placed the deposit In, for more information regarding this visit

After vacation of managed property’s and the keys being returned to our agency one of our members of staff will visit the property and go through the inventory inspecting the condition, if the property is not managed by us please consult your landlord/landlady for the procedure in which they follow. Once this has been done your landlord will be contacted and arrangements will be made for the return of your deposit (*we can not guarantee the deposit can be returned on the day you vacate). Please note that this procedure can take up to fourteen days and your deposit will be returned to you in the form of a cheque or Bank Transfer.

For your deposit to be returned quickly and without any delay, please make sure that when you have vacated the property it is left very clean and in a similar condition as possible to when you first moved in, i.e furniture layout etc, taking into account fair ware and tare. Failure to do this will cause delays, the agent will need to obtain quotes on behalf of the landlord to return the property to its original condition or to replace damaged items, this take’s time thus causing more unnecessary delay before you receive your deposit. If there is any dispute which can not be resolved amicably and both parties can not agree upon the amount to be deducted, the deposit amount in dispute will be passed immediately on to the adjudicating panel for the relevant Tenancy deposit scheme in place to rule upon.

Please be aware your deposit may be jeopardised by not abiding to the following:

  • Not given a full months notice when vacating the property, this will need to be in the form of a letter or email stating the exact date you are to vacate. 
  • Ending your tenancy before a six month period has elapsed 
  • Vacating the property and leaving it dirty (inc carpets) or damaged (inc furniture, fixtures and fittings, walls). 
  • Rent Arrears 

Admin Fee:

An admin fee is charged to the tenant for extra cost’s that occur on each and every new let.

Council Tax.

Tenants are responsible for payment of Council Tax during the term of their tenancy. We will notify the local Council Tax Office of your moving in date.

Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Telephone and Water).

These services are the responsibility of the tenants. It is therefore necessary for the incoming tenants to contact the utility companies to request that the accounts be put into their name. Failure to do so could result in a lack of supply on your day of moving in, and several days’ delay before obtaining service. It is also the tenants responsibility to contact these authorities when they vacate the property to end there accounts. We would be happy to assist if requested.

Gas: Call Transco for all emergency issue’s regarding gas, especially if you can smell gas outside of Office hours on 0870 6081524, they also will be able to tell you who your gas supplier is providing you with contact number’s and a meter serial number. * if you have problems with your supply contact your gas provider a.s.a.p.

Electricity: You can now contact Electricity helpdesk by telephone for all emergency issue’s regarding electricity on 0845 6015467, they also will be able to tell you who your electric supplier is providing you with contact number’s and a meter serial number. * if you have problems with your supply contact your electric provider a.s.a.p.

Water Rates: We will inform them of your moving in date.

Telephone: It is not the responsibility of the Landlord to ensure that you have a telephone line to the property. If you require this service then you should contact BT or one of the many cable networks.

Inventory and Schedule of Condition.

This is carried out by a member of our staff who will “check in” the tenants and require them to sign and accept the property in the condition stated. If a inventory is provided and the tenant does not return the inventory signed, the contents of such are deemed correct at date provided. This work is carried out at the Landlord’s expense.


The Landlord is required to maintain cover for both the structure and contents of the property. However, this cover will only apply to those contents Which belong to him. The tenants should therefore arrange contents and “all risks” cover on possessions of their own, which they bring into the property.

Problems At The Property.

We are appointed Managing Agents for the majority of properties, which we offer for letting.

In the event of a problem occurring either to the structure or the contents of the property you should notify our Management Department. We have a wide variety of Tradesmen available to resolve most problems promptly.

Where we are not acting as Managing Agents we will arrange your moving in and collect the first months rent and deposit against the inventory. We will then put you in direct contact with the landlord to whom you will pay rent in subsequent months and to whom you should refer if you have a problem at the property.

For emergency purpose’s regarding your gas or electric see the utilities sections above, most tradesman only work during office hours but in the case of a situation that arises and the office can not be contacted please refer to a emergency number below, please be aware emergencies are listed as problems that will cause significant damage to the property and need immediate attention, please send a text with the property address and the problem that has occurred to:


Martin Smith Emergency Number:  07436 547 472

Absence From The Property.

Please notify us or the Landlord if the property is to be left empty for more than three days. During the winter months, when you leave the property unoccupied overnight, you should ensure that some heating is left on and the trap door to the loft (where this exists) is left open to prevent a burst pipe should the weather turn sharply colder. If you are away for more than a few days it is advisable to drain down the water and heating systems and empty tanks. (N.B Draining down is not normally necessary in the case of a flat unless weather conditions are extreme).

Renewing or Altering The Tenancy Agreement

Please let us know at least ten weeks before the termination of your agreement if you are considering applying for a renewal of your tenancy. We will approach the Landlord and make the necessary arrangements. In turn, the Landlord will let us know if he requires the property back at the end of the term and we will notify you in this event. Please note that if the tenant/s wish to alter the tenancy agreement during the term of there agreement, then unfortunately a small fee will be charged to cover expenses.

Tenants Claiming Housing Benefit.

Certain Landlord’s would be prepared to take tenants whose rent or a proportion of the rent will be paid by the Local Authority by way of Housing Benefit. If a shortfall occurs between the amount that the Local Authority pay and the actual rent agreed, then the tenant (s) would be responsible for paying this shortfall unless otherwise agreed with the Landlord.

We must also point out that even though the Local Authority will be paying your rent it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the rent is paid and it is the tenant (s) that would be held responsible for any arrears.

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